Single moms work from home

Being a mom is a tough job. Rewarding, of course … but also exhausting, demanding, time consuming, and selfless. I could go on all day.

So it makes sense that when one mom talks about how stressful her life is, we all want to chime in with how stressful our lives are, too. After all, doesn’t it always seem like other moms don’t have it nearly as hard as we do — because they aren’t a stay-at-home mom (SAHM), a single mom, or a working married mom, for example?

Well, when it comes to which of these moms has it the hardest, I happen to know the answer because I’ve been all of three of them. So if I may, let me tell you which motherhood “title” wins the trophy for being the most difficult.

My ascent into motherhood began as a married SAHM. I brought my new baby home from the hospital and never once had to worry about getting back to the job I left when I had her, because my new job was taking care of her. I loved on her, never missed a milestone, and enjoyed devoting most of my time to raising my sweet girl.

Yet, it felt isolating. The cycle of feeding, burping, changing, napping, and playing wore on me. I was bored doing laundry and prepping meals. I missed spending at least part of each day around adults and the stimulation that it provided.

Over time, I felt my sense of identity slipping away from me as I became more “mom and housewife” than the woman I used to be. I envied my husband and the moms I knew who would go off to work each day, doing things that made them feel tangibly important. The monotony of my days made them all roll together into one, without a day off, broken up only by outings with the kids that often required an Olympic effort just to pull off.

I was exhausted in SAHMhood.

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