Prison Releases

Today’s the day—your loved one is coming home! You and your family are excited. Now everything can go back to normal, right?

The truth is, your loved one is going to have to adjust to life on the outside. They will most likely have to deal with culture shock, depression, and anger. In addition, they will also have challenges with the social stigma and the collateral consequences that come with a criminal record.

Start with one goal a day. Encourage them to reward themselves with something small, like take a long walk or enjoy a special meal, when each goal is achieved. The more success they have, regardless of how small, the more confident and happy they will be.

For example, if you’re loved one is prone to think, “I can’t get a job. I am a failure,” encourage them to tell themselves something like, “I haven’t gotten a job yet. If I keep applying to jobs, I will eventually get one.” Reaffirming positive thinking and connecting with others who think positively will eventually change the way your loved one sees the world around them.

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