Not everyone is cut out for living like most people; acquiring cable bills, expensive phone bills, paying rent, making car payments, living paycheck to paycheck.  I found myself working harder and harder to make this work, and yet I was only getting farther behind. How  can I make this stop?,&  I asked myself.  I was overworked, stressed, focusing on

money just to scrape by on bills and rent, and yet wasn’t spending irresponsibly or having extravagant expenses.  I just can’t afford life,& I thought.  So I knew something had to give, something had to change,

what was it and how could I do it?
I knew I didn’t need a lot to be truly happy in the way of material things.  Through a slow process I had already eliminated quite a bit.  I didn’t need T.V. or cable because I hadn’t watched it for years and was happier that way, I didn’t need to constantly buy clothes or jewelry, I didn’t have an expensive phone, a car payment, a lot of food expense… rent was the next big money move.

I wanted to be free, I wanted to go DO THINGS, ANYTHING except work myself to exhaustion and pass out and repeat.  So I set up a plan. I  wrote a notebook out of places to go hours of operation, specials, free events, free food, locations, etc.  At any hour of any given day I would know what I could do for little to no money.  I had another book, a calendar of all events and festivals I could either participate or work in to generate income.  And then I had a list of friends who agreed this was a good move for me, to live out of my car for a trial period of three months, and agreed to let me shower or stay the night once a week.  With all the friends I had, it was more like once a month, which as it turns out was less often than I would have slept on their couch or used their shower anyway, because previously I had to  travel out of town to see them and would stay the night.  I had set aside food rations for this time period, and had my camping stuff with me, not a lot either, and was surprised to see how well my plan was going, it was great.

For the first time ever I wasn’t tethered to my belongings and I had something interesting and fun to do every day.  Some people live to work, I found a way to work to LIVE, I enjoyed doing things differently to achieve only what was important to me, even if it was way outside the box, I didn’t have to worry about workplace politics, job security, losing my apartment, not paying a bill on time, saving money (or rather not being able to).  Granted, this lifestyle is NOT for everyone, and a lot of people accept this because they are not caught in the cycle that I was, they are able to find happiness and comfort in living, paying bills, and dying.  Some people don’t mind if they travel or not, some people see it as harder work.  It can be, but the hard work I

do is much more rewarding to me personally than it is working hard for a company that doesn’t benefit me adequately.  Maybe these people have been fortunate to have better jobs than I have, and don’t feel that pressure at work, maybe they feel adequately compensated, but I did not. I currently live in my van, which I am converting into a camper van and moving back to Colorado.  I have never until now been able to save money, treat myself whenever I want, handle financial emergencies when they happen instead of having them snowball into more problems, travel freely whenever and wherever I want (with planning of course, everything I do is planned), and be happy.  I am the happiest I have ever been and do not have a house.  Any details you would like to know I’d be happy to answer through a personal message.

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