Gambia Donations

Would you spend $15.00 on a Complete Meal That Costs $25.00? Sure, you would.  How about if that same $15.00 you are spending would also Help Feed NEEDY ORPHANS IN GAMBIA?

THIS IS SUCH A NICE, PROGRAM EVERYONE IS BENEFITING. You are Feeding Needy Orphans in GAMBIA and YOU are having a nice Meal Yourself. It’s a win, win situation for everyone.

We are raising money to help feed the orphans In Gambia.

These Children did not ask to be abandoned to the streets

and left with little food and no shoes. They need Help.

We are asking you to donate to this cause. Now, we know

you can see the need, and we hope you will support our cause.

For a one-time Donation of just $15.00 we will give you a $25.00 Gift Card

from our partners that can be used in thousands of restaurants around the country.

So, for just $15.00 you will feed a needy orphan, and have a great meal yourself.

Look, for yourself this is a great cause. GO HERE NOW AND DONATE.

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